Multi Detector of Foccused Ion Beam (FIB)

Equipment  : Multi Detector of Foccused Ion Beam (FIB)

Brand         : JEOL JIB 4610F

Function     : The JIB-4610F system incorporates an easy-to-use, out-lens type scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with a Schottky electron gun and a new FIB column capable of large milling currents (90 nA) into a single chamber.

After high-speed processing of the cross-section using FIB, it is possible to perform high-speed analysis using any of the various analysis units like CLD (cathodoluminescence), EBSD (crystal orientation analysis system) and EDS (energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry), making use of the high-resolution SEM imaging and the Schottky electron gun capable of providing large currents (200 nA).

The standard configuration includes a 3D analysis function, where milling of cross sections is performed automatically at fixed intervals, with SEM images acquired for each cross section (Cut&See). By also utilizing the optional 3D reconstruction software, it is possible to make even more detailed analyses of the 3 dimensional structures of a complex sample.

Main Features

  1. High-precision processing and high-resolution imaging delivered by a combination of an FIB column and a high-resolution SEM equipped with a Schottky electron gun.
  2. It is possible to observe a cross section with high-resolution SEM (resolution of 1.2 nm at 30 kV, and 3.0 nm at 1 kV) after using FIB to perform milling of the cross section with high positioning precision. It is also possible to fabricate even more precise thin-film specimens for transmission electron microscope (TEM).
  3. High-speed milling of large areas achieved with the FIB column having a maximum ion current of 90 nA
  4. The use of a new, large-current FIB column (maximum 90 nA) enables even faster processing. (Milling speeds of more than 2 times faster than conventional devices (in-house comparison)). This is especially useful for large surface areas.
  5. High-speed and high-resolution analysis such as EDS and EBSD possible with the electron gun capable of a maximum current of 200 nA
  6. The SEM column with a maximum current of 200 nA provides high-speed, high-resolution analysis capability. SEM imaging and analysis can be performed after FIB milling of the surface of the observed area, without moving the stage.
  7. 3D imaging, 3D analysis
  8. By combining various analysis units with the high-speed, large-current FIB and the high-resolution SEM equipped with the Schottky gun enables

Automatic continuous milling and imaging of SEM images using Cut & See

Automatic continuous data acquisition for EDS and EBSD mapping

  •  By stacking the sequentially acquired images, imaging and analysis can be rendered in 3D. In addition, for any type of analysis, the data can be acquired without any tilting, rotation or translation of the stage.
  • Cooling stage application for non conductive samples in life sciences, polymer, and many others applications.