Raman Spectroscopy



Instrumen Type : Modular Raman

Spectro : Type iHR320

Grafting : 600 g/mm (500 nm); 1200 g/mm (750 nm); 1800 g/mm (450-850 nm)

Objektive: 5X, 10 X dan 100X

Laser : 532 nm and 785 nm



Raman Spectroscopy is an instrument which measure molecular vibration based on inelastic scattering phenomenon. Raman spectroscopy is a non-destructive chemical analysis characterization which provides detail information about identification of molecules, molecular analysis, phase and polymorphy, crystallinity, molecular interactions, analysis of carbon-based materials, and analysis of inorganic materials. Raman analysis can provide key information (qualitative or quantitative) easily and quickly. Our Raman spectroscopy can measure bulk, powder, thin film or liquid samples. Applications of Raman spectroscopy: Carbon materials (carbon nanotube, graphene, carbon-based materials), pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (example compound distribution, drugs, contaminant identification), life sciences (example DNA/RNA analysis), geology and mineralogy (example gemstone and mineral identification).